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Reference Photos
These photos come from various Google image searches and Scenes from the movie Practical Magic. Modelling of stairs done by my son, Johnno Roberts, in Google Sketchup, and 3D printed by  Shapeways
Foot of circular stairs Sample circular stairs Sample handrail Sample step Sample tread Sample riser
Sample decorative guard First Floor Landing in movie Stairs and first floor landing in movie Looking down the staircase Girls running down stairs Model of stairs by Johnno Roberts
Fabric, Finishes & Furniture
Attic Floor rug & lamp Mirror in Attic landing Painting on First Floor landing Paintings in Attic Paintings in Ground Floor stairwell
The Building Process
Beginning to build the stairs Checking the fit of the stairs Checking the fit from another angle Laundry door wall Ground floor balustrade almost complete Ground floor balustrade in place
Ground Floor Pantry wall First Floor staining the stairs First Floor stairs glued in First floor stairs glued top view First floor stairs over window glued First floor stairs over window top view
First floor stairs in place First floor stairs close up First floor stairs view to Ground floor First Floor beginning the balustrade First Floor beginning the balustrade 2 First floor balustrade from above
First Floor balustrade templates First Floor building the balustrade First Floor glueing the balustrade First Floor glueing the balustrade in place First Floor balustrade almost complete First Floor balustrade complete
First Floor stairs from above First Floor stairs without outside wall Attic landing Attic stairs and window stairs Attic stairs built Attic building the balustrade
Attic beginning to install balustrade Attic stairs in place Attic balustrade complete Tower roof level Tower roof level from garden side Tower circular stairs
Tower lantern floor Lantern in place on floor Lantern glued together Lantern fence and floor Lantern floor surface Lantern building roof trusses
Lantern roof fitted together Lantern trusses fitted Lantern copper roof template Lantern copper roof glueing Lantern copper roof glueing garden side Lantern lighthouse beacon
The Finished Tower
Ground floor stairs finished Ground floor light Ground floor view First floor stairs First floor stairs completed First floor stairs looking down to landing
First floor landing First floor landing lights First floor landing looking down First floor looking up Attic stairs complete View from the top
View from top 2 View from top 3 View from top of tower Finished tower garden side Finished tower 2 Finished tower from back
Attic Landing First Floor Landing
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Tower & Lantern
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