The Owens' House on Magnolia Street
Front of House (Home) Room Layout & Electricity Exterior
Garden Side Pantry and Tower Stairs Layout Plans
Back of House Inspiration
Pantry Fabric, Finishes & Furniture Links
Building the Pantry Miscellaneous
The Finished Room
Reference Photos
These photos come from the Amas Veritas website
Pantry looking towards potions dresser Pantry looking towards windows Looking up at Potions dresser Looking towards Tower stairs
Fabric, Finishes & Furniture
Book of Shadows closed with leather binding Book of Shadows title page Book of Shadows sample page Potion jars in dresser Pantry table
The Building Process
First Pantry wall up Checking the wall placement Checking the furniture fits Completed Pantry
The Finished Room
Looking down into completed Pantry Looking towards Tower Stairs
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The Pantry
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