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The Garden
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The Finished Garden
Reference Photos
These photos come from Amas Veritas and the movie Practical Magic
Back door 1 Back door 2 Back door 3 Back tree Front tree Garden from Maria's cabin
Inside Vegetable Patch Pergola Pergola from rear Vegetable patch Vege patch from above Vege Patch 3
Vege patch 4 Vege patch from article Vege patch from front of house
The Building Process
Building the window box Arranging the flowers in the window box Window box planted up Glueing window box to house Hand made flowers Pergola 1
Pergola 2 Pergola 3 Pergola 4 Pergola complete Laying out grass Laying out grass 2
Laying out paths Gate building Gate building 2 Garden arch with vine Glueing fence in place Glueing fence in place 2
House vines Verandah vines Potting up pots and planters Back patio 1 Back patio 2 Back patio looking towards vege patch
Polymer clay veges Vege patch 1 Vege patch 2 Vege patch 3 Vege patches in place Tree 1
Tree 2 Tree 3 Tree 4 Tree 5 Tree in place
The Finished Garden
Window box Kitchen back door Kitchen back door finished Garden arch Garden arch finished Pergola
Back Patio Back Patio looking towards vege patch Garage yard Vege Patch 1 Vege Patch 2 View from the front
Looking towards the house Looking towards the verandah View to the Breakfast Nook View from verandah to Pergola View from Pergola Finished garden
Finished garden 2 Finished garden 3
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The Garden
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